December. 6th, 2005 The site will be completely changed as of January 1st 2006.

Aug. 28, 2005 Sorry about the lack of updates, my life has been rather busy as of late. As some of you know I recently got engaged on June 10th 2005 to a young woman named Nancy Ann Venegas & we are getting married next year on October 31st 2006. Well getting engaged does indeed make ones life hectic for a while, so I have not been posting much updates as of late.

    Well first off I guess I should say the obvious: Painful Love Letter Silver Edition did not come out this year on July 27th 2005, well since Painful Love Letter always comes out on July 27th, sadly that means it will be yet another year before it comes out, so it shall now be released on July 27th 2006. But no worries for since it was almost done & ready to go out this time that means that it will most definitely be done next July., until then stay merrily gloomy my little darklings.

    Soon I will be taking both of the first editions of Painful Love letter out of the store & we will no longer be selling them. I never found them quite satisfactory & thus do not wish to any longer sell them.

    Soon The website will be completely revamped, I hope you all enjoy the new look when it comes.

I wish you all good health.

May Friday 13, 2005 I have opened a Web Journal/Blog at, So if any of you is interested in my boring normal life well then you can take a look at it Here.

April 14, 2005 Green Fearie Fashions (the clothing store I am going to make to sell clothing of my design) has ran into some delays, & thus sadly will not be coming for at least 7 months.

Painful Love Letter Silver Edition is still scheduled to come out on July 27th of this year. It will now be over 100 pages & have at least 10 pages of art in the back, as well as a short erotic story in the back along with a few other short, or unfinished stories, & a preview of Depths (The one you can see below on this site).

Remember visit the new message board!

April 01, 2005 Here for all of you is a little something from me, it is a Preview of the first chapter of the rewrite of Depths. It is an early draft so please forgive any mistakes that may be in it. This preview will show you how Depths has changed over the years & the wonderful book it has become. I hope you enjoy it.

R.I.P. Rozz Williams

Feb. 01, 2005 This website may be making some major changes soon. I plan on adding an online store to sell the period Elizabethan, Victorian, & Gothic clothing that I design, when it comes I hope you all will like it. If it goes over well we might sell jewelry as well. I am also thinking about making a part of this site dedicated to my ethereal music band.

Jan. 07, 2005 Wonderful news, We have a New Official Message Board. This one is a million times better then the old Yahoo message board, & is more like The Chamberoom message board then anything else. this is a wonderful message board, come in, stay a while, meet people, & you can even speak with me on it, I will be on it all the time, so if you ever need to say something to me, or ask me a question this is the place. See you all at the board.  

Dec. 29, 2004 Yuletide Greetings to everyone. I have some grand news to share, on December 15th 2004 Jack DanyŠ Kemplin attended a Goth Meetup, & he took pictures, so Here they are for all of you, brand new pictures of Jack DanyŠ Kemplin , enjoy.

Nov. 26, 2004 To bring all of you better advertising I am combining my site with Google. I have always prided myself in giving my fans great links to wonderfully Gothic websites & stores, the joining with Google can only improve the amount of good quality adds that I give you. It will also make it so that you may search my site for keywords, or search the web from my site, both of which I find to be wonderful new additions to my website. I hope all of you enjoy the new changes.

Oct. 07, 2004 Most of the errors that had accumulated on this website over the past year has been fixed, I believe all of the errors have, but I could be wrong.

  •  The Checklist page has been changed to The Past Works page.

  •  All of my online stores have been combined into one Online Store.

  •  The Fan's Message Board was hacked into by hackers, & is down until I can fix it, which should be shortly.

  •  There should be little to no broken links left on this site.

  •  I have recently setup my computer system so I can fix my website's problems faster.

  • I have created a News Archive with all of the old news in it, so that the Main Page can loud faster.

Do to all of these changes this website should be better then ever, Enjoy.

I have massively updated the site, Check Out all the new goodies!

Oct. 01, 2004 Amazed the site is still up, someone up there must like me.

Well another Chamberoom alumni is gone, Antydos (SP?) has left do to a new member that would not stop posting in his thread. Well even though a lot of us old timers are gone I still say that the Chamberoom is a wonderful message board that you should all visit. P.S. I am also an old timer who is no longer there. but you all should still check it out, it is a great place.

Other new: the site ( has been fixed slightly, there was some broken links & errors that had formed over the past year that I have been gone. well I am kind of back & I have fixed some of the problems, yes some are still there, but the biggest one (the checklist page) has been fixed.

    Yes, you read right I am sort of back, I have a new computer, & I have a web connection, so I am back, but I have a not so good web provider, so I can only be on for ten hours a month for now. But I am back, so I can update the site more now.

Aug. 12, 2004 I am shocked & amazed that the site is still up, I wonder for how much longer it shall stay up.

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