June 20, 2004 well, this web site will be going down next month, goodbye to all of you. I hope one day I will be able to bring it back up. good bye, & Deaderman if you are out there & reading this please help me & send me money man, I know you don't have much either but please man, either way thanks. Bye Fans, see all of you real soon.

May 28, 2004 Jack Pleads please help this web site out, it would mean the world. Thanks.

May 17, 2004  The reason this site has not been updated in so long is that back in late August Jack's eyes got hurt leaving him blind for a while & his eyes still are not doing too well. The reason I am writing this now is because if we can't get 100$USD in one month this web site will go down. So for those who love this site please donate to it by mailing as much money as you want to:

Jack Danya Kemplin
2846 W. HillTop Rd.
Chino Valley, AZ

& if you wish to speak with Jack call him on the phone in between 5PM & 9PM MST at:
(928) 636-2605
Jack apologizes for the long distance bills.

Or E-Mail him

Aug 08, 2003 Painful Love Letter is on sale now! The current version is a 40 page Saddle-Stitch bound (like how a comic book is bound) book of poems & other writings (only one picture at the end). It is a great book but I suggest everyone wait for a couple months when the Special Edition comes out as a 60 to 80 page Perfect bound (paperback like at a bookstore) & Hard Cover book. For that one will truly be worth the money & be a much more complete book. It will also have all of my C3 art in it. I hope you enjoy it :-) .

July 29, 2003 I have created a new Online Store for my web site, give it a look :-) !

July 22, 2003 It is with Sadness that I most announce that you will no longer be able to find me at the ChambeRoom message board. I was banned from that board & can't even read the posts on it. They tried to explain why, but I could not understand, so I do not know why I was banned. It has been a wonderful three years there, & I will miss them all greatly. The ChambeRoom is a wonderful place & even though I can no longer partake in its beauty I still encourage people to go there.

Also I am sad to report that Ty Gorton & I will not be working on a book together at this moment. We were going to but had scheduling conflicts making it impossible for us to do at this time.

In happier news I might be doing the art for an online book written by CoI from the ChambeRoom. It is not yet known what the book will be about.

I also hope to soon have another interview with Lord Arykh of Crow Fan Club.

July 11th, 2003 Jack Danyá Kemplin's PC broke on June 5th, so updates will be few & fare between until he can get it fixed. But with bad comes good. Jack has been writing a lot on the typewriter as of late. The typewriter gives jack lots of inspiration, The sound of the keys, the smell of the ink, the sound of the cylinder turning, pushing the paper up. All of that creates such inspiration, so he is writing up a storm of new stuff for his third book Sounds. The book gets more interesting by the minute, & the level of emotion is astounding. It has some surprising turns & twists in it that will shock everyone.

further good news. Jack has a book titled 'Painful Love Letter: A Book of Poems & Other Writings of Love' due out soon. we do not yet know exactly when it will be out, but we will let you know as soon as we can.

'Painful Love Letter: A Book of Poems & Other Writings of Love' Is a poetry book filled with wonderfully crafted poems of pain, love, death, & suicide. It continues the story of the characters Jack & Corrine through Jack's eyes. poem by poem the story surfaces winding into a twisted tale of the pain of losing the one you love in the blink of an eye, & learning to cope with that pain & moving on. The book takes us through all the emotions felt when things like this happens. The quick sudden pain, & sorrow, the thoughts that you can't go on, the planning of taking yourself, that lingering sorrow, the feeling of hopelessness as you finally realize that they are gone & not coming back, finally accepting that they no longer love you, the pain of forgetting them, the bitterness, the difficulty in moving on, & the pleasures of new love. All of that can be found in this amazing new book by Jack, Plus the last page of the book has a peace of art from a C3 poem illustrated by Jack with a new poem under it.

Jack recommends the self titled CD by the AZ Goth band Audra. It is full of dark songs leaking with emotion. In May Jack attended one of their concerts at club Modified. "Audra's hard hitting emotional rock blew me away." Their self titled CD gave Jack lots of inspiration well he was writing Painful Love Letter, & Sounds. Their haunting melodies ring through the human soul, altering emotions, & creating tears within the eyes. Please check them out.

have a wonderful day.

April 14th, 2003 Back in early 2001 My PC broke, so I went to the ChambeROOM & wrote some poems that would normally be in my book. Until now those poems  have been lost, but today I went back to The Forum & dug these beautiful poems up.

April 8th, 2003 I have recently been Interviewed by Lord Arykh of Crow Fan Club. This was possibly the best Interview I have ever had. Arykh is the only Interviewer that I have met that has asked me the right questions to get deep down into the story underneath my book Depths. This is a one in a million Interview & I wish I could have more like this one. An unforgettable Interview of Jack Danyá Kemplin by Lord Arykh of Crow Fan Club Online.

March 16th, 2003 I have been offered to draw a story for C3 written by Ty Gorton A.K.A. tWISTED sPINe, I can't say what it is about at the moment, but whenever the script is finished I will start illustrating it. Look forward to seeing it in the near future, I promise the art will be great.

March 4th, 2003 It has been a very long time since the last update on Jack Danyá Kemplin, so here is one.
Jack Danyá Kemplin has now finished schooling. After August of last year Jack broke down & lost himself for a whale in his pain & stopped working, But he is proud to report that he is better & has started working again.

Oct. 31st, 2002 I have combined my three books 'The Crow: The Depths Of Depression', 'The Crow: Depths To Despair', & 'Sounds to Commit Suicide By: The prequel to The Crow: Depths to Despair' into one book called 'Depths'. I have also decided to take The Crow name out of my books because they have evolved beyond The Crow & have become their own works. I have also gotten permission from James to sell my Simi-Crow related works, & will be putting out Merchandise soon (out now). The book Depths has very little if anything to do with The Crow at all. Over time & with the addition of The third book Sounds The book ceased to have anything to do with The Crow & now focuses more on the story of a man who loses his fiancé in the blink of an eye. Yes, I realize that is also the premise for The Crow, but that can also be the premise for a lot of different books. So with the evolution of the book Depths since it now bears no resemblance to The Crow I have removed it from the name. It is still a wonderful book & I hope all of you find it enjoyable when it comes out.

Aug. 8th, 2002 a new poem here.

Just Started a site called The Black Ribbon Campaign
T.B.R.C. is a protest set on stopping the Discrimination against Goths, Like myself.

Today is July 27th, 2002, Corrine's day of birth, so here is a poem I wrote today.

special here for the first time ever is an unreleased page of cut scenes that was left out of my first book The Crow: The Depths Of Depression.

When the book originally came out I felt as though it was unsafe for me to release this page, so I took it out. Only now do I feel that it is safe enough for me to put this page out there for people to read. I hope you enjoy it for it is some of the most haunting scenes of Jack from the book. It really paints a different picture of jack. in the book as it stood when it was released through today it paints a picture of jack as a loving man who is very merciful, but with the addition of these pages people can also see that well struck with dementia he was also quite insane & was drawn to the point of killing people just from the smallest little things.

preview of a page from my third book sounds to commit suicide by: the prequel to the crow: depths to despair

First News Reel June 3rd, 2002 Since the fall of my previous publisher Calvary Comics I have found work at many companies. The one I have done the most for is C3 (collective crow comics).

I am currently working on a book called The Crow: Depths To Despair. It is the sequel to my novel The Crow: The Depths Of Depression, which can be found here the password is love.

The Crow is © 1981-2005 James O'Barr, all rights reserved.
On October 31st, 2002 Jack Dany
á Kemplin acquired the permission from James O'Barr to sell merchandise, prints, & books of his own simi-Crow related art, & permission to sell his own simi-Crow related writings on August 2nt, 2003.

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