11:30 PM April 8th 2003
An interview took place between Jack Danyá Kemplin & an Interviewer known simply as Lord Arykh of Crow Fan Club. it lasted quite a while & got deep down into Jack's book Depths to tell the story that the people who didn't read the book closely might have missed. For those of you who understood this from reading the book, pat yourselves on the back.
Lord Arykh: you there?
Jack: dead men do walk.
Jack smiles enjoying his little joke.
Lord Arykh: Alright
Lord Arykh: ok listen
Lord Arykh: I want to know something..that I have heard you say you don't talk about...I think if you can open up and tell me the honest truth about this perhaps I can help the people who don't understand find things out about your story.
Jack: okay talk
Lord Arykh: I need you to do me this favor
Jack: sure
Lord Arykh: open yourself completely up to me
Lord Arykh: open your eyes, your mind and your heart
Lord Arykh: let me see inside
Lord Arykh: and tell me the truth. Tell me about Corrine and how she died.
Jack: no, like O'Barr I have secrets about that night that I can't tell.
Lord Arykh: O'Barr has no secrets anymore though.
Lord Arykh: Trust me...Matt and I have discussed this...
Lord Arykh: His secrets are gone..he showed the world when he created The Crow and slowly the answers have opened
Jack: I will tell you the only way my soul can. through metaphor & truth
Lord Arykh: If its your soul then it needs not to hide behind Metaphors
Lord Arykh: You want to hear a soul bearing all
Lord Arykh: listen to me
Lord Arykh: I step forward in the Room and told everyone of my Terets syndrome
Lord Arykh: I did not hide behind metaphors
Lord Arykh: I bore my soul
Lord Arykh: I revealed my name
Lord Arykh: I revealed me
Lord Arykh: I revealed CJ
Jack: I use metaphor because I don't want to let my self know what really happened that night
Lord Arykh: A soul does not need to hide behind metaphors to be honest...it may bring a man down to his knees...down in tears...but the truth has to be known...
Lord Arykh: if you face it then you can face your fear and that is what life needs
Lord Arykh: that is what The Crow is...
Lord Arykh: it's not revenge
Lord Arykh: it's not love...
Jack interrupts the inflamed Arykh.
Jack: I know
Jack: let me speak
Lord Arykh: Then speak if you are ready
Jack: The Crow tells me he will let me know the truth when he thinks it won't kill me
Lord Arykh: please, Tell me about Corrine ?
Jack: I will tell you about Corrine
Jack smiles.
Jack: I will not tell you about that night, but I will tell you about Corrine
he smiles again at the thought of Corrine
Jack: please ask away
Lord Arykh: Tell me everything you can then...as detailed as possible...
Jack: okay, but there will be metaphor, but as TDA found out & as k'zee found out if you ask the right questions you can get around the metaphors to find what I mean by them
Lord Arykh: then start with metaphors and let me in...and I will unlock the rest
Jack is of joy knowing he has the freedom to speak in metaphor.
Jack: well go
Jack: shoot
Jack: head for it
Lord Arykh: How old was Corrine?
Lord Arykh: When she passed away?
Jack cringes as Arykh says that, because Jack hates it when people refer to Corrine's death as a real literal death.
Lord Arykh: and how old were you?
Jack: She was 14, & I was 17.
Jack: she was dying of cancer.
Lord Arykh: when was she taken from you?
Jack: May 20th 2001, The day after prom.
Lord Arykh: Did she die of the cancer?
Jack: can't you just read my book & find this out?
Jack laughs.
Lord Arykh: I would like to hear it from you. No offence but hearing it from the soul reveals more then from a book. Books tend to hide things on occasion where as the soul often wants to let them out without hiding
Jack: she really had a real cancer, or so I was told, & she really died of a cancer, but the cancer that killed her is a metaphor, well there was a true cancer too, but know that it did not kill her.
Lord Arykh: so this cancer that you speak of that did kill her...it was in the form of those from your book?
Jack has no clue as to what Arykh just said.
Jack: what?
Jack: I do not understand?
Lord Arykh: You said the Cancer that killed her was a metaphorical cancer...that it was not a literal cancer...
Lord Arykh: it was more like how evil is considered a cancer
Lord Arykh: yet it is not an actual cancer
Jack: the people is a cancer leaching on to suck her dry & kill her. these people are real, but they are also the people in my book
Lord Arykh: See now that is what I was asking...
Lord Arykh: thank you...
Lord Arykh: If you don't mind...the people from your book...they were not drag queens in reality true?
Jack's eyes open wide.
Jack: they was drag queens in reality
Jack: they really did shows in drag
Jack: Adam asked me to eat his tangerine flavored thong
Jack: that is real
Jack: no metaphors there
Lord Arykh: So how did they kill her? Did they kill her as T-Bird and the gang did Shelly and Eric? In the literal sense or did they kill her in the sense of the cancer metaphor...that they drained her of what they could use and made her weak?
Jack: metaphor
Lord Arykh: So these "queens" treated her as a body they could leach from. They acted as parasites on a host? What did they do to her that would weaken her?
Jack: they destroyed her
Lord Arykh: Was it a moral thing that happened or did they physically mistreat her?
Jack: it was moral.
Lord Arykh: In the end was it down to the basic Mental damage that they inflicted then.
Jack: yes, the killed her.
Lord Arykh: So by killing her morals she felt hollow inside, She felt empty?
Jack: she was empty.
Lord Arykh: And eventually the literal cancer claimed her
Jack: no
Jack: she got kemo (at lest that is what she told me)
Lord Arykh: She got kemo...did she overcome the literal cancer then?
Jack: I was with her well she was getting scoops & kemo. The doctors said it was going into submission (at least that is what Corrine told me), but then they (her killers) killed her & she was dead in my life & to herself, & the world, & I never saw her again, so she might die of the literal cancer, or she might outlive me.
Lord Arykh: So they corrupted her...made her hollow and empty...
Lord Arykh: a shell of her former self
Lord Arykh: and while you stood by her side
Lord Arykh: during the kemo
Jack: yes, but at the same time no. let me explain
Lord Arykh: please do
Jack: they corrupted her, but she was not hallow & empty. The Corrine I loved was now gone, dead, deceased. but this other thing, this...
Jack begins to cry.
Jack: I don't know what to call it, but she was so happy with her orgasmic times in the parking lots with these cancers.
Lord Arykh: So they physically used her as well?
Jack: yes
Lord Arykh: and in the end it corrupted her
Jack: O gOD yes!
Lord Arykh: created the side that was hollow and different.
Jack: it was not hallow, it was just different...
Jack sheds a tear.
Jack: pains me to think of that
Lord Arykh: How did she leave? When did you truly loose sight of Corrine?
Jack: she left on may 20th 2001 at 7:03 am
Lord Arykh: Where did she go? Any idea?
Jack: well, as I said I directly say all of this in my book & to quote my book | jack says in a dark angry demented voice "looks like I'm headed" jack loses his mind in sorrows "all the way to Reno." |
Lord Arykh: So she left...for Reno Nevada?
Arykh has a look on his face like as if saying "what the hell!!"
Jack: yap
Lord Arykh: who did she leave with...family and the Queens or just the Queens?
Lord Arykh: How old was she then? still 14?
Jack: just the drag queens & Kelsey, don't forget Kelsey, & Ashley, & Lane.
Jack: she was 14/15
Lord Arykh: And her parents made no objections to her leaving?
Jack: they said she was an adult she could go wherever she wanted to, plus she has a short life do to the real cancer so she might as well enjoy it fully.
Jack laughs getting ready to make a joke.
Jack: folly
Lord Arykh: How did her parents treat you after she was gone?
Jack: her father thanked me for the Christmas gifts I gave him that Christmas. her sisters wanted to go out with me, but then when I met them a year later I scared them with my insanity's sanity from the loss of their sister. her mother thanked me for the fountain I gave her for the garden.
Lord Arykh: So they still loved you.
Jack: yes, ever so much & her friend Kellee too. I would like to go off & say something about them
Lord Arykh: that's fine, If you wish to go off for a moment and discuss them you may.
Jack: Kellee (who was planned to be the maid of honor at our wedding) & Corrine's sisters (the brides maids) all agree with me that "they" killed our beloved Corrine, Cally (one of Corrine's sisters) suggested her, Kellee & I drop a bomb on Reno & kill those drag queens & Kelsey.
Lord Arykh: how old was Kellee and Corrine's sisters?
Jack: Kellee, Cally & Kara was 17. Cally & Kara are twins.
Lord Arykh: Hmmm...and you said they were scared of your insanity's sanity...how did they treat you after that?
Lord Arykh: Did they still try and talk with you?
Lord Arykh: Did they shun you?
Jack: I have not seen them since.
Jack starts to weep.
Jack: but Kara was the one who got really scared...
Jack: Cally, & Kellee still love me dearly.
Lord Arykh: Have you made any attempts to contact them since?
Jack: no
Lord Arykh: why not?
Jack: wait a moment I am getting something out to show you
Jack reaches into his coffin shaped purse & pulls out a photograph which can be viewed here.
Jack: the one in the red Independent shirt is Cally, the one in the blue/gray Nike sweater is Kara. the one in white above Corrine is Mely, & then you see Corrine & me. you can find that picture in the 8th chapter of my book.
Lord Arykh: And is that the Graphic Novel by O'Barr you are looking at together?
Jack: yes
Jack smiles because that is something he was hoping Arykh would notice.
Lord Arykh: Rather ironic...Irony does have a firm grasp on the world many would say.
Arykh laughs at the joke he just made because the make-up Jack wears in the book is the mask of Irony that Eric wore in O'Barr's Novel.
Jack: I was reading it to her.
Jack: but it tells all that in my book.
Lord Arykh: So was The Crow something you and her had bonded over?
Jack: That is too much for me to say here, but if you would like to read my book you will see, but lets just say she would read Shelly's lines, & I would read Eric's & our pet names for each other was she called me "My Eric" & I called her "My Shelly"
Lord Arykh: Hmmm...interesting.
Lord Arykh: And what about after she changed? Did that bond for The Crow die as well?
Jack: she has never read or spoken of the crow since I am told by Kellee. Kellee says it is too painful for her.
Lord Arykh: Was that one of the first things you noticed?
Jack: I never got to see her change, she left before I could see.
Lord Arykh: So she left before she was corrupted...she was basically stolen from your arms?
Jack: yes, they took her & killed her. that is what I have always said.
Lord Arykh: that is what you have always said...and what you stand by today. Thus upon her leaving you... it was the day you died.
Jack: yes
Jack is happy someone finally understands. His face then turns angered & sorrowfully dark.
Jack: They killed me when they killed My Shelly...
Lord Arykh: Where of when you came to and realized she was gone. That she was dead you saw the wrongs and The Crow guided you and still guides you today to your ultimate vision...of being reunited with your Shelly
Jack: I don't want to talk about that, but lets say that when I started posting at the Chamberoom right after I lost her I was hoping that by the time I reached souls reunited that we would be.
Lord Arykh: Unfortunately, time is not playing out that way it would appear.
Jack: I wouldn't say that
Lord Arykh: So it is moving along as you planned then?
Jack: I am two ranks away from souls reunited & last week I got an e-mail from Kellee that gave me hope to continuo fighting those who killed us, in the hopes that I might end up with her again after we have both went through our deaths.
Lord Arykh: So you have spoken with Kellee then...
Lord Arykh: but not the sisters...
Jack: yes you are right
Jack: I speak with Kellee every day...I spoke with Kellee three days ago
Lord Arykh: I believe I misunderstood that earlier then...I am sorry.
Lord Arykh: And the news is good then.
Jack: well...it gave me answers that I (my character in my books included) have been looking for, for quite a while.
Lord Arykh: Might I ask...if you do not physically kill the Queens, then how do you gain your vengeance?
Jack cringes again because he finds the word "queens" to be derogatory & wishes Arykh wouldn't say it like that.
Jack: I do physically kill them in a metaphorical way, but don't forget Kelsey.
Lord Arykh: You keep saying "Kelsey" "don't forget Kelsey!" Would you explain Kelsey to me?
Jack: she is right below Adam
Lord Arykh: So she was in the line of the Queens but an actual female
Jack: yes
Jack smiles because Arykh understood, but he cringes again at the usage of the word "queens."
Jack: you hit that on the nose
Lord Arykh: Thanks...So now...could you detail about the killing more for me?
Jack: well, I already answered this in the Chamberoom so can I just play a recording of that conversation?
Lord Arykh: that would be fine
Lord Arykh: and if I have a question I will simply ask
"Jack: The Crow is not fiction, it is a figment of my Imagination. it is not alive, it is not real. it is a figment of my imagination, & it speaks to me, tells me where to go, who to kill.

I killed Adam, then Kelsey, Now Dan yesterday. Three down three to go...my revolver is half empty.
SUGAR RAT: so who are those people you supposedly killed?....did you do it psychically? or is just in your mind?
Jack: Adam, Kelsey, & Dan...Those are the people that killed My Shelly Corrine, & me Her Eric, her fiancé...they Killed us. They go by the names Dejane, Kelsey, & Phusha. The ones left are XGCX, DBD, & Margeritta! they will all die in good time. Death comes to those who wait.

Yes, I did really really kill them. O YES I KILLED Adam so horribly...because his crime was the worse, for it was done without regret, or remorse. Adam was dead since day one.

He was the first to be lead to the slaughter house with his other lams to fallow, I being the shepherd!! Kelsey came next. her death I savored because it was a painful one. NOW DAN! his was slow & sour I have not had the time to savor over it yet...but O I will...I WILL!

I KILLED THEM like how they killed me: One By One...they all come. One for Sorrow, Two for Joy, Three for My Love a Girl...Corrine.

I really Killed them, & not in my head, But I really did it, & I laughed. they was standing there, & I was standing across the way... their real bodies, my real body...blow after blow we hit each other, hurting, cutting deep, knocking holes, shooting up each other's hearts. but nothing they could say would penetrate me. I could not be hurt anymore...for they already killed me before. I ripped them apart like how they did me. I tore them open & ripped them apart, & I laughed. when I cut them I made sure it was something that was so deep & true it would leave a mark on their souls forever...Forever. A reminder of what they did to me, Of what THEY did To US!!
...May gOD grant them the mercy that I can not.

but if you are wondering...yes, their hearts still beat...to bad they don't have HEARTs in which to beat!
That Dead Artist: Meaning what exactly? That they're still alive?
Jack: Thank you TDA . I do remember that. At the time I was still badly messed up because of Corrine leaving me for another girl Kelsey.

but no worries I defeated Kelsey a year & two months ago .

& yes you read me right their bodies still move."
Jack: that is all the clip that needs to be shown.
Jack: I am also killing them in the order of importance
Jack: Adam was the leader, then Kelsey second, then Dan third.
Lord Arykh: How have you killed them though?...Obviously it was in a mental form...but can you detail it more for me please? How have you scarred them in return for what they have done?
Jack: I want to know if you know the hierarchy before I answer your question.
Lord Arykh: Yes, I do in fact understand the Hierarchy...Adam, Kelsey, Dan, XGCX, DBD, & Margeritta.
Jack: Okay, I will answer your other question now.
Jack: the killing was not mental, but physical, but metaphoric. the killings was verbal.
jack takes in a deep breath feeling the pain inside of him welling up again.
Jack: they took her from me. I had her & then I lost her to them. one by one as they lost her amazingly in the same order as the hierarchy I would meet up with them & laugh & say "I won, now I/she has killed you in return for you killing us. but there can be no winners in this for we have all lost our lives, we killed each other, & no one can win from that."
Lord Arykh: I am taking a second to absorb this first.
Arykh laughs at the corniness of what he just said.
Jack: okay
Lord Arykh: Since in two months your mission will be completed who are you going to kill next?
Jack: XGCX is the next & the last one to die...
jack smiles his harlequined smile.
Jack: the other two bullets are blanks.
Lord Arykh: Why are they blanks? Is it to represent something else perhaps that was false?
Jack: have you ever read wild justice?
Lord Arykh: Yes I have the book on my wall actually
Jack: tell me what happens to the one bad guy?
Lord Arykh: the one bad guy? There are two.
Jack: the controversial one
Jack: tell the readers about him
Lord Arykh: Well one receives an easy farewell without suffering as his neck is snapped in two
Jack: no, I mean tell them why the killing of one of them was full of controversy at the time of the books release.
Lord Arykh: give me a moment then...need to review, momentarily.
the interviewer is being interviewed by the guest & needs to review, by going back to his book to look it up.
Jack brakes out in laughter.
Lord Arykh: Because the second guy did not mean to kill him
Jack: because the second guy repented
Jack: well now you have the answer to why I will not kill Margeritta or DBD.
Jack is glad that Arykh figured out why.
Lord Arykh: Hmmm...interesting...
Jack: they repented
Jack: made it up to me.
Lord Arykh: so they have spoken to you and asked for forgiveness?
Jack: well lets just say Margeritta was a drag queen with the others, but refused to do the killing, & DBD did the killing, but then apologized in the middle of it & stopped.
Jack: so I will not kill them
Lord Arykh: Interesting...
Jack: instead their jobs were to tell the others that death was coming to them...
Lord Arykh: I find that quite a sign of honor that you would not bring harm to them for having been involved, Even if they did ask for forgiveness.
Jack: Margeritta didn't have to ask.
Jack: he refused to kill me, that alone showed the honor in him.
Jack: -thanks Alfred A.K.A. Margeritta
Jack thanks Alfred from the bottom of his heart.
Lord Arykh: Alright man. Personally I am glad we have been able to have this conversation...and I am glad I have been able to get to know the inside story. Thank you for sharing and being so open with me.
Lord Arykh: But in the meanwhile I must leave for the night. Work calls me until the morning when sleep will grab me by the arm and let me finally rest.
Jack: well I think my interviewer left so I will close up this interview
Jack: this isn't even one onehundreth of the true story, but it is enough for now. in closing I would like to thank Kellee & Alfred for always being there for me. You know who you are. Hugs & Kisses to the both of you & always remember "love, luck, & lollypops, hugs & kisses good night."-Corrine.