Join the C3 Collective Effort

If you are an artist or writer that would like to become a part of the largest creative Crow Fan effort online, this is your chance. Collective Crow Comics is looking for talented artists and writers to collaborate on original projects.

How to Get Involved:

Submission Guidelines - Before contacting any associates of C3 or starting on a project, please read the Submission Guidelines carefully. 

  1. Submission of works to C3 must be genuine and respectful to the people who organize C3.

  2. Work must have a clear and definite premise and must not disrespect or satire any of the characters created by James O'Barr, or C3 characters. This also goes for the creators of The Crow, or C3 in general.

  3. All C3 stories must be original. Using other C3 characters is not allowed unless the permission of writer/artist is given. All C3 comics, Poetics, and Shorts must be sufficiently, or partially attached to the themes and conventions used in Crow stories.

  4. If you do have a C3 comic you would like to submit you must display some form of conceptual artwork and/or some outline of the plot first.

  5. Comics are stories told through text and sequential art, they may be of any length with the majority of their pages being art.

    Tomes are novels, they may be of any length, and may have zero illustrations or a large amount of illustrations, but the majority of the story must be told through text.

    Tales are short stories, they must be no more than 7,500 words, and may or may not contain illustrations. Shorter stories are welcome.

    Poetics are poems paired with art, they must have a poem and a piece of visual art related to the subject of that poem. The text can either be separate or embedded into the artwork itself.

    Poems are short written verse which do not need any images.

    Posters are visual images which do not need words.

  6. For release purposes, it is best if each completed part is finished for release well before the actual release date.

  7. Any additional material (lyrics, poetry, etc) may be used, as long as the creator is credited.

  8. It is also best that the creative teams on projects do as much as possible to complete the project, (e.g. lettering, image positioning) with the final product being completed either jpeg, png, tif, or gif images.

Contact C3 - C3 can be reached for submission of projects or If you have questions, through these methods: 


The Crow Pressman Films & J. O'Barr