Poem Gallery: January 2001
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Tales From Shady Death Fog

by Misty Lackey

Shield of darkness.
Blood wash of tears.
Deep floods of rivers.
Buried outside bodies rust into dying decay.
Falling deep shadows carried of emotions to stay.
Outside the fields of falling shade.
Blood stain skulls cover dying proof.
Proof of witness covered by waste to fade into dark souls of lonely minds out of control.
Skeletons rot.
Smoke rises in the mid afternoon.
Turning over.
Shaking age of a Devil's mad face.
Rusting fences.
Broken nails.
Laughter rolled over into death's valley.
Shining bells.
Forgotten tales of blood wasted shotgun shells.
Wounds opened by only dying blood grief exposed.
Flesh to skin
Dying alone to tears by the sacred sun.